About RBO PrintLogistix

RBO PrintLogistix is a St. Louis enterprise print and technology company offering a wide variety of business solutions that increase printing and energy efficiency while reducing costs.

Founded in 1985, RBO PrintLogistix serves multiple industries and is the print collateral and promotional products supplier for over 500 clients in the Midwest and across the country. RBO PrintLogistix is based in St. Louis, MO and offers several new technologies such as Web to Print digital storefronts and digital asset management services.

RBO PrintLogistix offers solutions within the entire supply chain from concept, design, print production, sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment to ensure effective delivery for any project in the most cost-effective manner, no matter how complex.

RBO’s History: The Evolution of Print

Over the last three decades, RBO PrintLogistix has evolved from a print distributor to a full service print consultancy with technology-centric solutions. Our approach has always been to learn from our clients unique business problems and respond with innovative products and services that provide solutions across the board. As our client’s needs expanded beyond the printed page and document management, so did our offerings.

New technology and workflow improvement have been the cornerstone for increasing efficiencies for our clients.

New technology and workflow improvement have been the cornerstone for increasing efficiencies for our clients. We have continually added new services and evolved our facilities to handle digital production, creative services, web development, print and promotional product sourcing, kitting, warehousing, and fulfillment. RBO now offers an effective solution to traditionally undisciplined office print and energy consumption.

Our holistic approach to print means that we can address multiple aspects of your business on a targeted basis, or holistically, to solve a wide variety of business problems without the need to collaborate with multiple vendors and agencies.

By taking a holistic approach to solving business communication challenges, we measure the return on your investment to ensure you benefit from reduced costs and are able to utilize the advantages of outsourced business processes.

In 1985, our founders took their extensive print production and services expertise and formed RB&O Business Products, Inc., a unique St. Louis-based document management company. Our excellent track record for superior performance in production, distribution of documents and other printed materials has made us one of the largest and fastest growing print, marketing services, distribution and fulfillment companies in St. Louis and the Midwest.