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Improve Your Bottom Line: Reduce Energy Consumption  by Up To 60% With Surveyor

In nearly every business, 60% of computers are left on 90% of the time; well beyond actual user demand and wasting two-thirds of their energy. As much as 10% of a modern office's electricity demand can be attributed to PCs and monitors. This makes computer energy use a rich target for cost savings and energy conservation strategies.

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The Business Case for PC Energy Saver Software

IT energy costs are estimated at $18 billion a year, and 31% of that cost can be attributed to PCs, laptops and monitors.

Surveyor is an innovative PC Power Management (PCPM) system that demonstrates measurable ROI, installs in a matter of hours and is capable of transparently saving around 200 kWh yearly.

For every 5,000 computers, that adds up to 1 million kWh of savings annually. At average energy rates of $.10 per kWh, that is $100,000 of savings for doing nothing more than ensuring that computers aren’t needlessly consuming energy when not in use.

Depending on your location(s) you may qualify for incentives from your utility company, which can pay 50% to 100% of the software cost.

According to the EPA, office computers that use energy management solutions such as Surveyor require 50% less energy when compared to office machines without energy management software, saving $25 - $75 per PC.

Three IT Efficiency Solutions in One Product:
Energy, Patching and Print.

The implementation of Verdiem’s Surveyor software will only require 6 hours total of IT resources.

IT organizations can accurately measure all end-user print activity, identify both local and network-connected printers, quantify costs, and run useful print data reports to uncover opportunities to optimize the print environment. This often results in reduced enterprise print costs of up to 30% or $20 to $60 dollars per user per year.

PC Energy Saver Software

Surveyor delivers the most enterprise proven solution on the market, with energy savings up to 60%.

  • Highly scalable platform
  • Flexible power management policies
  • Best in class functionality to resolve sleep disorder deficiencies within the operating system
  • Transparent to end users

Enterprise PC Wake

Surveyor reliably wakes the PC fleet for security updates and patch management.

  • 90%+ wake effectiveness
  • Extended Wake-on-Wan technology
  • Scheduled wake-up capability
  • Remote/VPN access

Print Analytics

Monitor all print jobs from PCs and MACs.

  • 30+ reports include top 10 most active end users, largest documents printed, and most used printers
  • Visibility into networked and local print devices
  • Editable matrix of supply costs
  • KPI dashboard for print volume and costs

Surveyor is an enterprise-class PC energy saver software solution helping organizations significantly reduce computer energy usage while simultaneously driving print cost savings. With Surveyor, organizations can contribute meaningfully to their green initiatives through reduced carbon emissions, while never having to worry about impacting business continuity or IT productivity.

How Surveyor Works

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Meet Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

U.S. companies waste anywhere between $2.8 and $4.0 billion annually and emit 20 million tons of carbon dioxide to power PCs that aren’t shut down.
— U.S. Dept. of Energy

Surveyor was created with the environment in mind. Along with measuring energy and financial savings, Surveyor also translates those savings into environmental terms we can understand: trees planted, cars off the road, and tons of CO2 avoided. So whether your motivation is regulatory or altruistic, Surveyor’s tracking and reporting make it easy to prepare for and meet current and future carbon reporting requirements.

With Surveyor, organizations can contribute meaningfully to their green initiatives through reduced carbon emissions, while never having to worry about impacting business continuity or IT productivity.

Invest now in an energy efficiency program that pays for itself in less than a year - and continue to do so for years to come.


Surveyor & RBO PrintLogistix

RBO PrintLogistix is the U.S.’s leading reseller and implementation specialist for Surveyor PC Power Management software by Verdiem. Verdiem is a pioneer in the IT energy management market who defined the PC Power Management segment in the early 2000’s.