enterprise print management and energy saving solutions

Enterprise Print Management and Energy-Saving Solutions

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RBO Print Analytics is shifting the office equipment and services paradigm by offering clients innovative office print management and PC power administration solutions.

Business organizations seldom have accurate insight into their true print and energy costs, print volumes, or device utilization. Many aren’t aware of how much equipment they have and very few have an enterprise print management strategy. The result: a proliferation of output devices, spiraling print and energy costs, excess capacity, and grossly underutilized assets.

Enterprise printing environments represent the largest unaudited expense on an organization’s P&L statement.
— Gartner Group

Helping clients achieve verifiable and sustainable bottom-line savings is our business charter. We do this by focusing on core problems that plague most enterprise print and computer environments:

  • Biased print assessments from MPS vendors
  • Too many devices (copiers, printers and fax)
  • Wasteful end user habits by assuming ‘printing is free’
  • Managed ‘Printer’ vs. Managed ‘Print’ Services
  • Unconscionable vendor contracts that feed print waste
  • Unnecessary toner, ink, paper and energy consumption
  • Unmanaged computer energy usage and waste

Leveraging our extensive experience with enterprise print and IT environments, RBO Print Analytics helps clients maximize cost savings by combining comprehensive print and energy assessments, innovative enterprise print management software and professional services to positively influence print and energy usage at the user level – the key to measurable and sustainable savings.

We take a consultative, client-centric approach to developing an effective energy-saving plan and office print management strategy. By assessing your business environment using a scientific, data-driven methodology, we deliver a quantifiable reduction in costs, a streamlining of inefficient business processes and a dramatic improvement in user productivity.

Dashboard Summary

What’s in it for you?

  • Reduce print and power costs by 25-40%
  • Measurable results to your bottom line
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Improve user productivity and business processes
  • No equipment capital upgrades required to achieve savings

PC Power Management

Reduce PC related energy consumption up to 60% with PC Power Management.

Reduce Toner Costs

An office worker prints 10,000 pages a year - roughly $425 worth of paper, toner, and ink per employee.