Our Philosophy:

A Holistic Approach To Print Management Strategy

Cost Savings
Process Refinement

We want to address your business challenges in a comprehensive manner. We bet 99.9% of them fall within three basic areas:

  1. Difficulty controlling your marketing and branding
  2. Struggling to manage multiple vendors for print and promo needs
  3. Experiencing excessive office print and energy costs

Do any of these sound familiar? Are you immediately thinking of pain points in each of these areas?

RBO solves these challenges.

These business challenges are why we are in business. Our IT efficiency solutions and print management strategies resolve issues that enterprise print environments commonly experience. To create the most effective solutions, we first break those potential pain areas into three main silos: office print and power, in-house production and processes, and outsourced vendor and procedures.

Office Print and Power Silo

Office Print & Power

  • Lack of planning and control
  • Undisciplined print and energy behavior
  • Lack of accountability
In-House Production and Processes Silo

In-House Production & Process

  • Inappropriate production
  • Underutilized equipment
  • Customer support issues
  • Dated technology
Outsourced Vendors and Manufacturers Silo

Outsourced Vendors & Procedures

  • Lack of centralized control
  • Bottlenecking manual processes
  • Brand control issues
  • Insufficient digital asset storage and management

Each of these “silos of print” have challenges to be solved with our expertise in intelligent sourcing, process refinement, brand management and cost savings. So basically, we review your business in a holistic manner by examining your silos of print, then apply our areas of expertise by using our products and services to solve your business challenges.

The Three Silos of Print: Office, In-House, and Outsourced

The Three Silos of Print: Office, In-House, and Outsourced

At RBO PrintLogistix, we work with a diverse set of products and services to develop custom print management strategies and for your enterprise’s unique business challenges. We address your printing and business needs from a 360 degree perspective, providing services and solutions such as:

By addressing your enterprise’s business printing processes from multiple angles, we are able to streamline your office printing environment, creating a more efficient workflow and carving out cost savings from multiple areas. Our comprehensive method of reviewing the three primary silos of print and processes will save you considerable time and money. At RBO, we educate you and simplify the complex.