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Digital Asset Management

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Take control of your digital marketing assets with digital asset management.


If your business is trying to manually manage an extensive library of media content without a DAM (Digital Asset Management), you are probably experiencing these pain points:

  • Wasted hours, if not days, trying to locate the exact media asset you need
  • Depending on yourself or co-workers to remember the filename or folder directories instead of being able to search the content in the file
  • Reviewing multiple versions of a single document that may include different drafts or variants is confusing and prone to error

Marketing asset management of your branding can be tedious and confusing. We can help you control all of those marketing materials, promotional assets and brand collateral with our powerful, yet easy-to-use digital asset management software.

Marketing Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) allows you to easily store, organize, track and repurpose your branded assets – such as photography, videos, rich graphics, 3D imagery, text documents, presentations and more.

  • Marketing asset management helps your business be more efficient
  • Managing your brand’s digital marketing assets is key to successful digital marketing
  • Marketing asset management is about more than just software, it's process refinement


Powerful search lets you search the document text, use keywords, create custom queries and dynamic filters to find any file housed in your marketing asset management catalog.



Workflow Automation streamlines content creation and marketing asset management. Automate manual workflows, set up process steps and assign status-based tasks.


Image and Video Publishing allows you to preview, transcode and transform images and videos on the fly in nearly any file format.



Adobe Drive Adapter allows file access from within Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe applications, with track change capabilities.


Version Control. Manage marketing asset version histories and use the compare feature to find hard to track changes and take advantage of roll back version options.


Our digital asset management solution is powered by Canto Cumulus, a powerful system where workflow refinement and rich media asset control are top priority. Cumulus has been helping companies and individuals organize their images, videos and documents since 1990. Cumulus is a proven web-based solution that can help your company quickly find, organize, share and track files including photos, presentations, videos, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe production files and most other digital files.