Tunnel Work

While working closely with one of its larger direct marketing clients to build a database for its catalog business, Marketsmith was gathering data from multiple sources. The well included orders for some of its client’s products on Amazon, its own information and other retailers. The next step was to segment all of the information. As Marketsmith was creating the database, the client asked if it was possible to drive more volume by simply sending everyone new to the database a new catalog.

Simple, right?

Dirty Work

Dirty Work

“Grit is a commitment to long-term goals and commitment to work toward those things, even in the face of discouragement and setbacks, or no progress,” says Ed Etzel, ED.D., a professor and licensed psychologist for the West Virginia University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and former Olympian. “It has some connection to passion. It’s a messy sort of thing. It’s along the lines of what people think about mental toughness.”