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Ink and Toner Reduction

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Control and reduce toner consumption and ink usage by up to 75%, reducing print costs and waste.

Would you throw $425 in the trash? A typical office worker prints approximately 10,000 pages a year - $350 to $500 worth of paper, toner, and ink per employee - and nearly 60-85% of it ends up in the trash. The financial and environmental waste is colossal.

Enterprise printing environments represent the largest unaudited expense on an organization’s P&L statement.
— Gartner Group

Reduce Toner
and Ink Waste.

A customer-facing presentation has a vastly different business value than an email, and the cost to produce each document should reflect that difference. A smart business manager would never pay the same amount of money to print each one.

You can reduce toner consumption and fine tune ink usage according to your print needs. When printing a contract or other high-value business document, a 30% savings rate will yield no recognizable difference in print quality. For email and other low-value print, a 75% savings rate will result in perfectly legible printed documents - and outstanding cost savings.