web to print online storefront

Web To Print Online Storefront

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Automate Order Processing

Research shows that manual order processing can cost more than $60 per order. Most companies, including yours, could automate over 50% of their orders and improve your overall channel partner satisfaction. RBO PrintLogistix's Web to Print solution automates manual processes, reduces errors and decreases total order cycle times all while reducing the per order cost.

Web To Print Storefront Functionality

Our Web To Print solution is a robust, web-based digital storefront platform that is cost-effective and delivers a smooth buying experience.

Web to Print Online Storefront Concept

Your partners use an intuitive, shopping cart-based interface to select items from a catalog, or enter them in a "quick order form." Best of all, the application maintains specific compliance rules you've established with each partner.

Web To Print online storefront benefits include:

  • Systemized purchasing rules, product views and pricing structures
  • Controlled access, orders and modifications
  • Partner branding
  • Controlled order processing
  • Increased compliance
  • Decreased time spent on administrative tasks
  • Reduced costs

Order Tracking & Reporting

Our Web To Print digital storefront provides your channel partners with instant access to information like order tracking and reporting. Controlled access gives partners the information they need to help themselves – and become more successful, freeing up your client services team from fielding phone calls and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Web to Print Tracking and Reporting

Our Web To Print storefront functionality and services includes:

  • Reporting to track spending and usage across your entire partner network
  • Integration with your existing MIS to further automate your order processing and consolidate reporting
  • Cloud-based operation, so you never need to buy, install and support hardware, software, or middleware
  • System monitoring to ensure you have immediate access to new features
  • System scaling to maintain peak performance
  • Creative Services to develop effective communication collaterals ready to order on the digital storefront